With my work, I intend to establish and nurture a narrative that feels inspired. I’m curious, have always been, ever since I was a little girl; and I kept that tickling feeling alive, never silenced it. The relentless urge to learn, to wonder in what really is a continuous and circular path, is what’s allowed me to own my vision and insight on how I look at things.


My curious nature taught me how important it is to observe in this process. To truly understand and gain perspective. Once you’re there you just can’t help but to create, construct, and ultimately, as well as almost accidentally, to inspire. To inspire others and maybe even those who’ve inspired you.


I’m Lorena Articardi (b. 1992), an independent photographer and creative director who’s developed an intentional documentary approach to create imagery.


… discover, create and inspire.





contact: lorenaarticardi@gmail.com